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Shield Mercantile is focused on delivering exceptional results to clients through our innovative collection processes. We continue to expand as Australia’s leading Collection Agency through demonstrating our commitment to our line of work and clients. Shield Mercantile endeavors to continuously evolve and adopt the latest and most effective collection techniques and processes.

We aspire to uphold our valuable reputation for many years to come by ensuring our services are of the highest quality and our staff are compliant with applicable regulation. Our ambition to succeed in the collection industry has created our significant position in the market. ShieldMercantile believes it is essential to exhaust resources to achieve phenomenal results within given timeframes. Efficiency is essential to our organisation. Shield Mercantile will remain focused on generating greater net returns to clients and maximising profits.


Shield Mercantile believes that we must act in the interest of all stakeholders from our staff to our clients. This ensures that our organisation will only develop and advance. We are committed to maintaining a unique relationship with our clients where trust and ethicality are critical. Our services are extraordinary as we are passionate about our work and satisfying our clients. We continuously achieve outstanding results as we act with responsibility and account for all decisions made. We maintain all records regarding our clients in confidence as privacy is a vital part of our organisation. In order to uphold our organisation’s standards we will persistently act with honesty, integrity and continue to be customer driven.

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