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For over 30 years Shield Mercantile has been assisting many of Australia’s largest consumer financiers to recover overdue debt.  Shield is different from other collection agencies because it does not operate in a call centre environment.  Instead, the people at Shield work individually with customers to find a payment solution best suited to the unique circumstances of the individual. 

In addition to acting as agent for its client, Shield also purchases debt portfolios from major financial institutions.

If you’ve heard from us it is because we have either been engaged to collect a debt on behalf of one of our clients, or your debt has been assigned (sold) to Shield from a bank or other financial institution.  When we are engaged to collect a debt on behalf of our client, the money you pay us is held in trust and sent on to our client to clear your debt.

If Shield has purchased your debt, this means that you now owe the outstanding balance to Shield Mercantile and must pay Shield directly.

Yes, talk to us, we are here to help. We will always communicate with you in a respectful and courteous manner. We take extra care with vulnerable customers, always considering their unique circumstances. At the same time, we expect you to be respectful and courteous towards us. We will never engage in practices which are aggressive, deceptive, deceitful, oppressive or improper, whether lawful or not.

We will work with you to identify your situation and will:

  • Help you through your financial difficulties, which may include referring you to a not-for profit financial counsellor to get independent advice, support, and someone who can speak on your behalf.
  • Expect you to be open and honest when providing details regarding your financial hardship.
  • Suspend any non-legal debt collection and recovery action when you are seeking financial counselling assistance or similar, for a reasonable period.

We will try to keep information requests to a minimum and not seek unnecessary or duplicate documentation when assessing whether financial hardship is applicable to you.

The type of information that will help us understand your situation includes:

  • The reason for your hardship such as illness, unemployment, relationship breakdown or any other unexpected change in your financial circumstances
  • Evidence of employment such as payslips, tax returns or employment contracts
  • Evidence of other income such as bank statements or Centrelink statements
  • Evidence of your financial position including assets (such as bank accounts, motor vehicles or furnishings) and liabilities (such as loan agreements and statements or credit card statements)
  • Evidence of your medical condition such as a medical certificate from a doctor, disability support pension
  • Other evidence such as an employment separation certificate or statement

We will always respect and protect your privacy, confidentiality and will never act in a manner intended to embarrass you or cause you distress.

Shield Mercantile only uses the personal information which has been collected for the purposes of debt recovery or for secondary use provided your consent has been obtained.

Shield Mercantile may disclose personal information to the following sources:

  • The client which engages our organisation as an agent
  • Credit Reporting Bodies such as Equifax, Experian and illion (formerly Dun & Bradstreet)
  • Our solicitors and or local, district or supreme courts throughout Australia
  • Authorised agents on your behalf such as legal or financial advisers
  • External agents such as process servers, repossession agents and auctioneers, bulk mailing and document storage facilities

Accordion Cont

Credit Reporting Bodies (CRB) are organisations whose business involves handling personal credit information which is provided to their subscribers about the creditworthiness of an individual.  An individual can ask a CRB for a copy of the credit file they hold about them.  The CRB will request personal information to enable them to properly identify the individual making the request.  

Individuals can obtain a copy of their credit report for free from a CRB under the following circumstances:

  • If they have applied for, and been refused credit, within the past 90 days
  • Where their request for access relates to a decision by a CRB or a credit provider to correct information included in their credit report
  • Once a year (not counting the above circumstances).

You can request a copy of your credit report from these Credit Reporting Bodies:

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The team at Shield Mercantile are here to assist you. Falling behind on your payments can happen to anyone and we are dedicated to helping our customers get on top of their overdue accounts.

Make contact with us as soon as you can. You can do this by email or over the phone. The sooner we understand your individual circumstances, the sooner we can put a plan in place to help reduce your debt.

If your experiencing financial hardship please read here.

You can contact Shield by phone on 02 9687 6111 or by email shieldmercantile@shieldmerc.com.au

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