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AMPAC Debt Recovery Announces New International Debt Collection Services

AMPAC Debt Recovery

Shield Mercantile, a member of the AMPAC Group of Companies, is pleased to announce that AMPAC Debt Recovery has entered into an agreement with EOS Global Collection Network to deliver a complete range of international debt recovery services to its Australian based clients.  

As a result of this agreement, AMPAC is now able to offer a comprehensive range of commercial and consumer debt collection services in over 180 countries around the world, further strengthening the AMPAC Group’s position as a leading Australian provider of receivables management solutions to all sectors of industry and commerce.  

Services include commercial and consumer debt recovery, legal action and enforcement, skip tracing and field calls. 

EOS is one of the largest global networks of collection agencies in the world, consisting of 26 EOS branches throughout Europe and North America as well as over 80 external partners around the world.  Whether the debtor is located in UK, Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Pacific, Africa or the Middle East, AMPAC can now offer consistent, high quality and easy to access debt recovery in all jurisdictions.  

EOS are trusted and recognised as experts around the world in the field of international receivables management, debt collection, debt purchase and business process outsourcing.  In 2020 EOS revenue exceeded EUR 853 million.  EOS is a member of the OTTO Group, which is a diversified financial services and multichannel retail conglomerate with a combined turnover of EUR 14 billion.  

Thanks to this partnership, the complexities of recovering international debt are reduced and the certainty of receiving payment is enhanced.  

The key features of AMPAC’s international debt recovery service include:

  • You deal with your local AMPAC or Shield representative for both domestic and international debts
  • Our client portals keeps you right up to date on all your accounts
  • You have access to a carefully chosen network of global partners who use local knowledge and expertise to quickly resolve overdue debts
  • Legal services provided by local experts
  • No costs incurred without your approval
  • Multi-currency capability
  • Standardised cost structure for all pre-legal matters
  • Complexities surrounding language, culture, legal systems and time zones are all resolved

To learn more about AMPAC’s international debt recovery service call Mark Logue on 0409 749 709 or email m.logue@4ampac.com.au


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